Family Traditions: Welcome Home Cake

22 Jul

      There aren’t many traditions my family follows unless it’s something we do during a holiday like Thanksgiving or Christmas. But there is one tradition I’m very fond of and that’s baking cakes or some other type of treat whenever someone returns from a long journey whether it’s for vacation or work. By taking the time to make them a treat they like, it says how much we care for them and missed them, which is also why I enjoy doing it. When dad visits his best friend in Florida his mom usually celebrates his arrival by baking him a special chocolate and M&M cake, which is her specialty. So in a way were not the only family that celebrates this tradition, and we could have possibly gotten the idea from his friend’s mom. Either way it’s a lot of fun and feels great to see that smile on their face when they return home from a long journey.

      This time around it me and my mom’s turn to bake something special for my dad who has been away taking care of his dad in Florida. This trop wasn’t so much of a vacation as it was for work. My grandpa has slowly been developing dementia over the years and has a horribly difficult time taking care of himself. So in order to reward my dad’s hard work we decided to bake him a cake specially made for him. I posted a video to Youtube showing how me and my mom prepared our masterpiece. Feel free to watch it.





This is the end product. Also, feel free to leave comments here as well as youtube as to what sort of traditions you and your family celebrate. Whether it’s during the holidays or any ordinary day, I’d like to hear about whatever special moments you and your family celebrate together. 

      An easy way to share traditions with family or friends is to make a video like I did and upload it to a public video site such as youtube or vimeo. And if you don’t have family to share traditions with, then do it with a friend and find a local restaurant or bookstore you both enjoy. As long as you’re having fun and sharing it with someone else, a tradition can be with whoever and whatever you want it to be. You just have to find the right place and people to share it with. 


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